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Message from Chairman


            In 2014, overall Thai industry was growth 1.0%, a slight slowdown from that of 2013 with growth of 2.9%. International trade decreased from that of the same period last year due to decreasing imports and exports which is in line with a regress in domestic consumption and slight global economic recovery. Exports experienced slight decrease in value from that of the same period last year.

While the financial results of the company showed successful turnaround especially in its core business such as manufacturing for exports. This is a result of the company’s marketing and production strategy combined with increased all-round efficiency even though not all of efficiency goals were achieved.

            Moreover, the company has given priority to social responsibility and anti-corruption issue. This resulted in policies and changes within the organization showing cooperation among directors, management and employees’ willingness to bring the company to its goal as reflected in acceptance from local communities, decreased waste and efficient production processes. All of these are evidence that we are ready to grow sustainably.

            For 2015, the company will focus on cost reduction, efficiency improvement, effectiveness in operation, change of strategy to meeting constant changes, retain existing customers and expand business to new profitable segment, retain and develop human resources and focus on maximizing return to shareholders.

            On behalf of the board of Directors, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our shareholders, customers, business alliances and all stakeholders who continuously support including management and employees of all levels who devote themselves in all business operations. Please rest assured that the company will thrive for sustainable growth.


   (Prung  Boonpadung)
   Chairman of the Board