Global Reach

From more than 30 years of experience. 

From more than 30 countries served around the world.


To the success of 3,000 happy customers.

Company Overview

C. I. Group Public Company Limited

  • Registered Capital
  • ~ $ 14.7 Million
  • Market Cap (as of Dec 2014)
  • ~ $32 Million
  • Established
  • 1983
  • Entered Stock Market (MAI)
  • 2005
  • Factory Area
  • Factory 1 - 13,500 sq.m.
  • Factory 2 - 11,000 sq.m.
  • Factory 3 -  4,160 sq.m.
  • Employees
  • 1,000 Persons



  • Design  Challenges & Customization

    Design Challenges & Customization

    At CIG, it is an everyday event to welcome challenges in designing and manufacturing custom-made coils. The majority of our clients from around the world seek our assistance in this specific field. Most of which came empty-handed, however, none ever left unanswered.

  • Harsh Environment & Heavy Duty

    Harsh Environment & Heavy Duty

    Looking for coils that would last? CIG can help you build coils for harsh environment and heavy duty purposes. Our coils are being used in vessels, gas and oil rigs, power plants and many other places. Coating option is also available to extend the life of your coils.

  • Precision Oriented & Specific Systems

    Precision Oriented & Specific Systems

    We can design coils for precision oriented applications such as medical devices, specific cooling devices, data center cooling and more.

  • Industrial & Commercial Purpose

    Industrial & Commercial Purpose

    Large water coils up to 14m long are our specialty, and with CoilExpress option, we can help design coils specifically for your urgent replacement needs.


a glance on why we do what we do and how we do it

  • Friendship  within Partnership

    Friendship within Partnership

    We believe every challenge can be overcome - and it is far better when you overcome it together with friends. At CIG, our clients are our friends. We enjoy getting to know new friends, listening to their challenges, giving them solutions, then face them together - of course, with the best of everything we can offer.

  • Fairness within Business

    Fairness within Business

    Not only the clients, but also all stakeholders are our friends - suppliers and employees are included as well. We employ fair share principles in every business touch points. We believe that there is nothing wrong with profit seeking principles. What's not right is when the profit is not distributed to those who contribute.

  • Enjoyment within Employment

    Enjoyment within Employment

    Not everyone is so lucky to get to do what they love so, we figured at least we can help create a workplace that people love what they do and actually live at work - not just work in order to live.